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This show loves to talk about diet, food, health and fitness. Extending this conversation further from episode 2 and 11, one of the show listeners, Sofia Manna from Italy discusses the importance of health and fitness in this episode. Being a model, runner and ballet dancer herself, she understands the value of discipline and awareness for her body, and she also actively looks out for new and upcoming researches and studies in the area of health, fitness and diet. Though born and brought up in the west, she is quite influenced by the eastern way of life and the ideologies of mind, body and soul. What are your beliefs regarding fitness? Socho!

The show was hosted by me, Parth Chauhan, and I can be contacted on Instagram – or you can send me voice notes on Facebook – If you want to talk about something in lengths or an instance, a thought, an idea, an experience, an observation, anything at all, please consider this platform as a safe space to do that. I am also up for collaborations. Email to, log on to for more information, or just google ‘Dhvani Podcast‘.

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