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Katinka is an entrepreneur and coaches students about life, studies, stress management, time management, and everything that a student needs counseling for. I met Katinka before I was planning to start Dhvani Podcast. I recorded an episode for her own podcast – The Student Life Podcast (mentioned below), where I also got my hands-on training in podcasting. This is part I of our discussion where we have discussed Katinka’s life and entrepreneurial journey, all the challenges she has faced, and also the opportunities that she envisions for budding entrepreneurs, students, and everybody else. Please support Katinka’s work in whichever capacity you can. All the links are mentioned below.
The show was hosted by me, Parth Chauhan, and I can be contacted on Instagram – or you can send me voice notes on Facebook – If you are an entrepreneur, artist, musician, self-employed individual, or social worker, you are most welcome to share your experiences and ideas on Dhvani Podcast. In this season we are also offering free advertisement for your enterprise, art, and ideas. Email to, log on to for more information, or just google ‘Dhvani Podcast’.
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