Two individuals, pass-outs of a very prestigious institution from India met while working at a very cool sports goods organisation.

Interestingly, both of us were nothing but acquaintances to each other for at least a month, but one day we walked out of the office humming the same song.

A scene from February 2014:

Parth: ‘bhai were you singing “Do naina aur ek kahani ?”

Abhimanyu: ‘haan bhai, wtf, you were singing the same song :O :D” We gotta jam bro.

And that’s how we found that both of us are into music, are singers and would like to sing someday together. After a year and a half after that, we started jamming sometimes. started accumulating some gears and eventually thought that we should perform in front of an audience, contacted a friend who owned a restaurant, started performing live music on Friday nights after a back-breaking week in the office and got a very poor reception from the audience and staff of the restaurant.

Several months passed like that and we understood the pains of a ‘closet artist’ who wants to go out there but is not able to connect to the people she wants to.

Individuals – Abhimanyu Parijat [] & Parth Chauhan []

Institution – National Institute of Fashion Technology [NIFT] (

Organization – Decathlon Sports (

Abhimanyu – Parth
Parth – Abhimanyu