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About Us


Dhvani is a collective of creative souls

Our Goals and Vision

To build a community of creative enthusiasts.

To create an open platform for ideas.

To connect the world with art.


Who We Are

We are a bunch of office-going folks with some extra-ordinary dreams and aspirations. We truly believe in the power of music and the impact that art can create. 

Our Story

Our journey began with a unique concept for open mic events where we hosted musicians, singers, comedians, poets and storytellers all at one stage.

Then we added a studio concept.

And now we also have a podcast. 


A stage for all

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The Team

Parth Chauhan

Parth Chauhan


Parth Chauhan is a singer, multi-instrumentalist and currently a podcast host. He is a trained fashion technologist and has an experience of 5+ years in the clothing sector. While he loved his work, he was always interested in pursuing a career in a creative field, so he finally decided to pursue an MBA :p Well before the MBA, along with his day job he created this open stage for singers like him to express themselves and experiment with their art.

Brought up in Lucknow, India, and college in Mumbai, India, with several years of work in Bangalore India, and educated further in Lille, France and Maastricht, Netherlands for several more years, he is currently based out of Athens, Greece, pursuing an ERASMUS program in entrepreneurship.

His vision is to transform the podcast, art and music scene of India.


Dhvani Podcast

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