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Season 1 – Socho

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The first season of the Dhvani podcast is called ‘Socho’

Soch is ‘thought’ in Hindi and ‘Socho’ is ‘to think’ 

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Why Podcast?

This is an introductory episode that discusses the plans for this podcast and this season. I also talk about the idea of Dhvani and the importance of podcasts in my life, and how it might work for others too. The name of this season is ‘Socho’ which means ‘to think’ in Hindi. Once you listen, please reach out to me and share your thoughts!

Season 1, Episode 1    |    11min

1.15 Socho – Why online gaming ? [English]

1.15 Socho – Why online gaming ? [English]

Online gaming has been around for quite some time now, but games like PubG, Fortnite and Among Us have just taken over the world in last 2-3 years. In many aspects, online gaming is coming at par with physical sports today. Skills, strategy, teamwork, trust, audience...

1.15 Socho – Online gaming kyun? [Hindi]

1.15 Socho – Online gaming kyun? [Hindi]

Online gaming kaafi saalon se humaare beech mein hai, par picchle kuch saalon mein PubG, Fortnite aur Among Us jaise games bahut popular ho gaye hain. Physical sports ki kaafi saari pravattiyan aaj online games mein dekhne ko milti hain jaise skill development,...

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