Dhvani – this word can bear both a positive or a negative connotation, depending on the context. Dhvani is a Sanskrit word which means sound, it can be good, like music, a mother’s voice, the sound of the waterfall, or it can be noise that irritates like the sound of water dripping from a faucet or a bunch of people foolishly debating on a news show. The idea is to separate the music from the noise and the content from the clutter. I want to call a bunch of guests from different backgrounds, perspectives and stories to discuss some topics, causes, feelings that we care about. Some of the topics we would be discussing on the show are – veganism, Couchsurfing, poetry, culture, inclusion, job hunting, movies, music and so on.  This can work as entertainment for you as a listener, interviewing people and getting to know their stories should be fun, and also it can be interesting for those who think about such ideas often but don’t find a clear, filtered source to know about or discuss them. Also, one of the objectives would be to promote the very idea of a podcast in itself, for people who are new in this space, and lastly, let’s say if you are a future student who wants to study in Maastricht or the Netherlands, this can work as a primer for you to get a feel of the city, the country, culture to help you in making a better decision. What is the kind of Dhvani that you will like to listen to?

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